Cyber Security for Business Leaders

Course Overview

Cyber security is now a top priority and a prominent topic in boardroom and management discussions. Business leaders are compelled to immerse themselves in the nuances of cyber risk, domains, imminent threats, and incident response tactics to adeptly navigate and neutralise cyber threats. Making well-informed decisions to safeguard organisational boundaries and data necessitates a robust grasp of cyber security essentials.

This course is designed to equip contemporary non-cyber security leaders with the knowledge necessary to establish, oversee, and contribute to security objectives and a strong security culture. The participants will be versed in recognising the importance of cyber threats and vulnerabilities and gain insights into how adversaries exploit human and systemic weaknesses to breach organisational security.

In four hours, leaders will be part of a discussion into cyber security functions and challenges, then finish the course with enhanced strategic decision-making insights, and the ability to talk a little cyber-tech.

With an enriched understanding of the multifarious cyber security landscapes, leaders are equipped to ask pertinent questions, assess reporting metrics, and provide informed feedback post incident.

Leadership in cyber security for non-cyber leaders isn’t founded on technical comprehension. It fundamentally relates to effectively managing challenges and to shaping a culture.

Who Should Attend?

With increasing regulatory requirements and personal accountability for the loss of customer data, more than ever executives and business leaders need to understand the cyber security discussion.

This course is for all business leaders in non-cyber roles including the positions; Head Of, General Manager, C-suite, Board, Senior Management or Leadership Team, in areas such as:

  • Risk management
  • HR / People /Culture
  • Finance
  • Central project functions
  • Transformation
  • Legal
  • Audit
  • Communications / Public Relations
  • Technology

This course will enable participants to:

  1. Recognise and understand cyber threats and vulnerabilities - Gain a comprehension of the common types of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and how adversaries may exploit weaknesses in people and systems to harm an organisation.
  2. Make informed strategic decisions - Armed with greater insights into the multifaceted realms of cyber security, leaders will be able to ask pertinent questions, assess reporting metrics, and provide appropriate feedback to improve security activities.
  3. Communicate effectively with security professionals - Know the terminology and speak the same language as the passionate cyber security professionals with empowerment to confirm, challenge, and contribute to effective security solutions.
  4. Cultivate trust and strength through culture - Develop an environment of collaboration by understanding the challenges presented across an organisation and its cyber security objectives. This will nurture trust by fostering a positive relationship across functions that accelerates the development and implementation of robust security protocols. Acknowledging these complexities will guide leaders in how to be agents of change, advocating for innovative solutions to better protect the organisation.
Key Topics
  • Common cyber threats and vulnerabilities
  • Types of security and the cyber security domains
  • Identity and access management, vulnerability management, intrusion detection systems, and other cyber controls.
  • Key challenges to cyber security objectives
  • Supporting the cyber security team
  • A business leader's role in responding to a cyber incident.
  • Cyber security frameworks and cyber risk

Materials: A comprehensive participant workbook is provided.

This course does not have an exam.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

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Course Information

Duration: 3.5 hours (1/2 day)
Exam: No exam

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