Effective Sponsorship Capability Uplift Program

1/2 day Masterclass workshop


Research shows that complexity can lead to ‘challenged’ projects: those defined as late, over budget and/or lacking specified features and benefits. But strong sponsorship can make a big difference.

Sponsors play a critical role in ensuring the success of projects within an organisation. Their leadership, strategic insight, and ability to navigate complex organisational dynamics are essential for delivering projects that meet their objectives and create value for the organisation.

Strong sponsorship also relies on the organisation allocating an appropriate sponsor to each project, establishing consistent sponsorship practices, and ensuring all project practitioners understand what to expect from the sponsor’s role.

Who Should Attend?

Our masterclass is most suited to:

  • Executives
  • Sponsors of projects
  • Steering committee members
  • Project managers and other project practitioners
  • PMO members
  • Senior managers.

Participants are limited so we can ensure a personalised, interactive learning experience that delivers actionable results for your organisation.

Program objectives

Our Effective Sponsorship Capability Uplift Program aims to enhance an organisation's sponsorship and overall delivery capabilities. This is achieved by implementing effective sponsorship practices throughout the project organisation.

Led by an expert PM-Partners facilitator, this program provides a down-to-earth overview of best practice, supported by case studies and learnings from in-the-field experience.

This immersive and interactive program allows participants to meet experts, collaborate with peers, ask questions and gain insights in a short timeframe, giving them practical skills and concepts they can immediately apply back in the workplace.

Program format

Pre-connect sessions
Facilitator will conduct 1:1 sessions using structured questions to:

  • Collect information on each participant’s unique environment
  • Identify challenges
  • Set up the Effective Sponsorship Masterclass workshop for success.

The information gathered at the discovery session provides a capability baseline and informs decisions on the key themes and topics that will be covered in the Masterclass.

Duration: 30 mins

Effective Sponsorship Masterclass
During this half-day workshop the facilitator focuses on the areas identified for improvement and engages the group with relevant case studies and applied strategies, underpinned by global best practice.

Participants receive a:

  • Handout of the content provided
  • Sponsor checklist to help support on-going Sponsor activities
  • Project Health checklist to highlight when a project needs attention

Duration: ½ day

Post-connect sessions
The facilitator will engage workshop participants in 1:1 coaching sessions based on 3 key improvement areas (agreed during the Masterclass). This is critical to facilitate a dialogue between the participant and coach on how best to apply the learning in the ‘real-world’ and drive behavioural change.

Data captured at this session is also used to measure the uplift delivered from the Masterclass, and findings are then shared with the client in the form of a Sponsorship Capability Uplift report.

Duration: Up to 1 hour

Sponsorship Capability Uplift report
The client will receive a report summarising the challenges observed during the 1:1 sessions and the Masterclass, along with key recommendations for improvement.

We recommend that all Masterclass participants undertake the 1:1 pre-connect and post-connect sessions. This enhances the overall experience, allowing the facilitator to tailor the Masterclass and reinforce the application of key principles after the initial training to deliver a comprehensive Sponsorship Capability Uplift Program.

This is no exam associated with this program.

Development units

Participants who have been awarded the Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® are eligible to earn 3.5 PDUs for their participation in this course (2 Ways of Working, 1 Business Acumen, and 0.5 Power Skills).

Participants holding any of the Project Management accreditations (CPPP/CPPM/CPPD) are eligible to earn 7 CPDs for this short course.

No pre-requisites required for this course.

Where is the training venue located?

This course is on demand and can be delivered virtually or at the customer's location.

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Program Information

Duration: 1/2 day Masterclass workshop
Exam: No exam

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