Change management and the change manager role are critical – but often neglected – components of effective benefits realisation. Here Dr Elissa Farrow, consultant and PM-Partners training facilitator, outlines the relationship between benefits and change and how to ensure this integration occurs.

data-driven capability uplift

Running an effective capability uplift program means leveraging the power of data and analytics to inform your decisions and promote ongoing, measurable improvements. Here Nekta Vamvoukakis, PM-Partners Corporate Training & Capability Uplift Manager, discusses how to use data to drive capability uplift results.

curious case hybrid PMO

The curious case of the hybrid PMO

Struggling to marry your project reporting, governance and progress measurement with the realities of Agile? It’s time to reshape your PMO into one that effectively supports and demonstrates value regardless of delivery approach. Here, Greg Collocott, PM-Partners Associate Principal Consultant, discusses the obstacles to progress and the steps you can take to start building a

agile delivery success

Agile is well known for its ability to deliver value in dynamic environments, which accounts for an increased adoption rate in recent years. However, organisations aren’t seeing the success they expect. Here Grant Moore, PM-Partners Agile Transformation lead, discusses how to ensure you’re getting the most from Agile.

capability uplift toolkit

Investing in standalone training programs and certifications is one part of the puzzle, but to really drive delivery improvement it’s about taking a more holistic approach. Here PM-Partners Corporate Training & Capability Uplift Manager Manager Nekta Vamvoukakis and Agile Learning Consultant and Facilitator Quinn Dodsworth discuss how to design a capability uplift toolkit to practically support

Like her training facilitator colleagues at PM-Partners, Dr Elissa Farrow treads a continuous pathway of learning and experience. Here she shares her latest accomplishment and how her approach to personal development informs her work.


Project management skills were already in high demand, then the pandemic hit. The talent shortage, combined with a highly competitive job market, means that rather than defaulting to one-off training investments, organisations need to embrace a more long-term approach to career development – one that uplifts capabilities and job satisfaction.

Top tips to improve churn and delivery in your organisation

With hiring leaders reporting a steady uptick in staff turnover, what can you do to dissuade your project teams from seeking out greener pastures? Here, PM-Partners Corporate Training & Capability Uplift Manager Nekta Vamvoukakis and Talent and Service Delivery Team Manager Joanne Ortiz consider some of the key reasons why employees are moving on, and some effective

12 common mistakes that lead to project failure

Only 19 per cent of organisations achieve successful delivery at least most of the time – a pretty dismal figure that reflects numerous inefficiencies over the delivery lifecycle. Being aware of and learning from mistakes is crucial in order to avoid project failure and drive delivery improvements. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up 12

Benefits management blog

Benefits realisation is the defining factor in project success and the real purpose for the implementation of projects, but many organisations fail to focus enough effort on benefits management. Here, Senior Consultant Steve Vanges discusses this crucial conundrum and offers his tips on how you can improve your benefits management practices.