The experience, track record and infrastructure to get your initiative off the ground, mobilised and executed.

The need to drive and steer major change is not a new concept. Organisations face increasing amounts of pressure to cultivate innovation, efficiency and growth, yet, the tangible benefits of business transformation projects often fall short of being effective.

Business transformation projects are significant, they can impact the entire organisation, they are dynamic, evolving and span long periods of time where operating models, business systems and people move on before the outcome is delivered. As expected, with so many complexities, the best executives, strategies and traditional delivery models are tested.

Transformation projects often go beyond the scope of traditional Project, Programme and PMO infrastructures to orchestrate complex and disruptive change, whist crafting and simplifying executive action to safeguard value.

We have the experience, track record and infrastructure (disciplined teams, leaders, PMO staff and latest approaches) to get your initiative off the ground, mobilised and executed.

What we can do for you:

  • Provide Transformation Advisory (executive support, early business case planning and delivery model options)
  • Programme Management
  • Rapid design, build and operation of a Programme Management Office or Transformation Management Office
  • Assess your current environment to help you salvage or set up and design your transformation projects
  • Establish early and focused engagement with stakeholders
  • Business case development, benefits assessment and alignment
  • Facilitate and manage robust planning, schedules, monitoring and reporting systems to control risk from the early stages
  • Provide confidence with regular health checks, assurance and governance support
  • Design, implement and execute organisational change management

The PM-Partners group has over 20 years’ experience running, supporting, or salvaging business transformation projects, which has seen us successfully manage a rich history of complex change.