How Oak Possability met 600 acquisition deliverables on time

When Oak Possability embarked on an ambitious acquisition of more than $60m p.a in NDIA supported disability services, they needed expert advice and access to specialist resources. Here’s how PM-Partners provided the end-to-end support required.


  • Oak Possability wanted to expand beyond its Tasmanian borders and into Victoria, acquiring NDIS-supported services, clients and staff while setting up a Possability Victoria office.
  • The ambitious project needed support from PM experts with experience in similar-scope acquisitions. PM-Partners delivered specialist resources and end-to-end support.
  • PM-Partners’ custom solution helped Oak Possability deliver 51 significant milestones and hit more than 600 complex or technical deliverables, achieving government-readiness certification.

Customer background

At the outset of this project, Oak Possability was already the largest disability service provider in Tasmania, with more than 800 employees and managing more than 650 staff. With the NDIS kick-starting greater demand for disability services across the country, Oak Possability was keen to build on its strategy of sustainable and well-planned growth. To this end, the Executive Team made the decision to expand into Victoria and establish a separate entity called Possability Victoria.

The challenge

This ambitious expansion project involved acquiring more than $60m p.a. in NDIS-backed disability support services, including the transfer of 24/7 support services to approximately 450 clients with disabilities. In addition, the project included integrating more than 400 Victorian Government employees and setting up the organisation’s new state-based arm Possability Victoria.

Oak Possability’s executive recognised that such a mammoth undertaking could not be achieved within the tight deadlines without external support. PM-Partners was identified as having the required sector, divestment, advisory, M&A integration, program management and specialist resources to support the end-to-end acquisition process.

How PM-Partners helped

Leveraging its experience in previous acquisition projects of a similar size and scope, PM-Partners began by supporting the development of an expression of interest (EOI) to the Victorian Government. The team also developed tender RFP response documentation and engaged directly with the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Health and Human Services, both of which played a role in the successful awarding of contracts.

PM-Partners established and mobilised a fit-for-purpose program acquisition and integration delivery model. Specialist resources were provided to support:

  • Program advisory
  • Program management
  • Change management
  • Project management
  • Schedule development

These resources were developed within a stream-based structure that leveraged the pooled knowledge of numerous business executives, leaders and subject-matter experts.

Timing was of the utmost importance, and PM-Partners was able to build an acquisition program to meet the high expectations of a government-mandated schedule with fixed, non-negotiable timelines.

Outcomes delivered

All up, the program delivered 51 significant government-mandated milestones and hit more than 600 complex or technical deliverables either on or before the due date, successfully achieving government-readiness certification. These results achieved high praise from both senior government officials and the Oak Possability executive branch.

In addition to meeting these time-sensitive acquisition deadlines, the team successfully supported the establishment of the Possability Victoria office, staff recruitment for the new centre, and the creation of a new stand-up $60m business. The transfer was achieved without any industrial relations concerns in a highly unionised environment.

The success of this acquisition means Oak Possability is today one of the largest not-for-profits in its sector, providing significant benefits through economy of scale and an increased profile across the disability support services industry and the wider community.

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