Agile transformation helps Prezzee with global ambitions

In 2020, PM-Partners supported Prezzee with its agile transformation. The team helped the eGift card platform deliver an ambitious two-year growth strategy by adopting a new scalable, dynamic and innovative operating model based on Agile practices.


  • Prezzee’s existing processes and operating model were unable to support its rapid business growth and market ambitions.
  • PM-Partners helped Prezzee transform its business culture and operating model to embrace new Agile ways of working.
  • PM-Partners’ intervention set Prezzee up for success in achieving its ambitious two-year growth targets, including an international presence.

Customer background

Preezee is an innovative online Australian company selling digital gift cards and vouchers. The company commenced trading in 2014 and experienced extraordinary growth.

The challenge

Prezzee experienced rapid growth across 2020. This saw the company more than double in size, appoint a new CEO, and enjoy large increases in its customer base and revenue. Coping with this expansion, however, became a significant risk for the business as the existing organisation, delivery methods and processes failed to keep up.

The time was right to consider a restructure and the introduction of a more appropriate, scalable and robust structure and operating model grounded in Agile practices and culture.

How PM-Partners helped

PM-Partners supported Prezzee on its growth journey through a combination of training, capability uplift and advisory services. This included:

  • Capability assessment and coaching to create a roadmap for a move to a highly capable, Agile-based business.
  • Execution of the roadmap across a three-month uplift phase, including
    • transformation leadership
    • mentoring
    • development of a new Agile operating model
    • organisation restructure and
    • supporting the business across a profound cultural shift to new ways of working.

Outcomes delivered

In late 2020 Prezzee launched its service in the US, soon to be followed by the UK, with more markets to come. Prezzee is one of a select few Australian tech companies to have successfully grown internationally.

PM-Partners is continuing to provide delivery support to Prezzee and this partnership is expected to continue across the long term.

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