Enabling journey-centric capabilities to drive personalised omni-channel customer engagement

Improving customer experience through personalised omni-channel (digital and non-digital) customer engagement (POCE) is a priority for this global pharmaceutical company. However, it lacks a common and consistent approach to better understand and optimise the customer journey in each market. PM-Partners was engaged to develop a strategic change management blueprint to enable adoption of an enterprise-level journey-centric framework and tool that will enable the company’s POCE ambition. 


  • Without a standardised approach to customer journey mapping across its multi-national network, the client has been struggling to understand customer needs to influence POCE across the enterprise.  
  • PM-Partners developed a viable change management strategy to facilitate the introduction of an enterprise-wide framework and tool to map the customer journey in 104 countries.  
  • The client now has an agreed strategy and blueprint for rolling out this solution across its network. This will enable greater customer insight and improved interactions and engagement across all customer touchpoints. 

Customer background  

The global pharmaceutical industry is complex and highly competitive. As a market leader, our client operates in 104 countries and has a diverse customer base comprised of healthcare professionals, care givers and patients. How these partners and end users interact with our client’s brand varies considerably according to their specific needs, concerns, and cultural differences.  

The challenge 

As part of building stronger relationships with its customers, the client is keen to improve customer experiences through POCE. To do so, they need to better understand the customer journey in each country to influence and uplift engagement. But while they recognise that effective customer journey mapping is key to achieving this goal, they face several obstacles:  

  • There is no standard approach to journey mapping across the organisation. Different countries are using different methods and tools.
  • The organisation lacks a common framework or platform to guide the process and provide an enterprise view of customer pain points.
  • Due to the above, there is no common language around journey mapping – customer insights are not consolidated or shared, and learnings are wasted, making it difficult to understand or respond to customer needs. 

To address these issues, the client decided to introduce a common framework and tool for journey mapping to uplift journey-centric capabilities. This solution would enable broader collaboration and automation across the enterprise and nurture a culture of shared learning, which would allow for deeper customer insights and help advance their POCE ambition. 

How PM-Partners helped 

PM-Partners’ was engaged to develop a change strategy and blueprint to enable the roll out of a common framework, language and tool and build journey-centric capabilities across the organisation.  

To this end, the team:   

  • Facilitated a change workshop with key stakeholders to clarify the change vision and prioritised areas of work to achieve the desired outcome. (This formed the backbone of the change management strategy and blueprint) 
  • Built an enterprise dashboard for the client to direct the steps needed to build a journey-centric organisation. The dashboard is also used to understand readiness for POCE 
  • Agreed on metrics to track adoption of the solution across the enterprise. 

Outcomes delivered 

We now have a viable change strategy and blueprint to enable a journey-centric organisation through the adoption of a common language, framework and tool for 104 countries. This will allow the client to exploit opportunities for collaboration and automation and ensure valuable insights are captured, consolidated and shared. 

We also have a dashboard that serves as a step-by-step guide to building a journey-centric enterprise and provides a big-picture view to track readiness for POCE campaign design, while also monitoring how take-up of the solution is progressing. 

Roll out of the strategy will enable the client to better understand and optimise the end-to-end experience for all its customers, irrespective of their needs and location.  

What’s next 

Having received the client’s approval on the strategy, the next step is execution. This involves: 

  • Identifying and training an initial set of change champions 
  • Conducting leadership engagements across selected ‘early adopter’ countries 
  • Carrying out change impact assessments 
  • Facilitating kick-off/ visioning workshops with early adopter countries to align on outcomes and agree plans to introduce the common framework and tool. 

Do you need support with your next change programme? PM-Partners has significant expertise in all areas of organisational change management and can provide the necessary advice and guidance you need to achieve your planned outcomes and benefits. To find out more, complete our enquiry form or call us on 1300 70 13 14 today.

  • CLIENT Global pharmaceutical company
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