Financial services industry case study: Agile project initiation


Our client’s Technology department was requested to land its latest project using Agile methodology. Some of the employees had some light Agile experience from their previous organisations, but there was a lack of common understanding on how to actually run an Agile project.


PM-Partners group provided training for key stakeholders and members of the project team. In addition to training, we provided an Agile Coach to guide and support the teams collaboratively across the organisation. Our Agile Coach assisted the team in establishing a new project rhythm and introduced new rituals to accelerate the project to deliver value faster. We partnered with our client and provided a functionally operating project environment, for the end-to-end lifecycle, involving business and customer stakeholders. Components delivered included:

  • Agile foundations and, more specifically, Agile role trained certifications.
  • Continuous coaching on:
    • Lifecycle, phases, activities, deliverables, approvers, and accountable roles.
    • Roles and responsibilities for the new project team.
    • Providing guidance and introductory education of Agile to the project steering committee.
    • Facilitation through the new Foundations phase of the project, introducing the team to visual management, requirements generation, estimation and planning.
    • Running and guiding through the initial Timeboxes.
    • Facilitating the retrospective reviews of the Timeboxes.
    • Demonstrating where and how to change current styles to extract and deliver value earlier.


Our client has accelerated project delivery and is successfully running Agile projects in their organisation, delivering rapid results.

  • WE DID Agile upskill and coaching, Agile training and certification

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