A combined training and advisory solution that’s tailored to your needs

Organisations across the globe are struggling to adapt, faced with an increasingly disparate workforce and significant budget cuts while at the same time needing to improve profitability. It’s now more important than ever to strategically invest in internal capability uplift, reducing the cost of outsourced talent, retaining loyal resources and creating a more efficient, profitable in-house delivery model.

Traditional training provides crucial theoretical grounding, but often isn’t applied in a way that delivers true capability uplift back in the workplace. Similarly, advisory can deliver solid project outcomes, but effective transformational change is rarely sustained once consultants leave.

Drawing on decades of global client experience, PM-Partners blends specialist training with expert advisory services to deliver a far more effective model for change. We work closely with organisations to develop a customised L&D solution that’s tailored to your unique objectives, challenges and capabilities, and offer ongoing mentoring and advice to ensure you’re set up for success long after we’re gone.

Business Context and Capability Assessment

We work closely with you to understand your business and project goals, L&D objectives and budget, defining clear, measurable outcomes. Combining strategic, hands-on consultation with the relevant capability assessments enables us to create a tailored solution that delivers maximum returns.

  • Business case and strategic roadmap
  • Executable, measurable L&D outcomes
  • Capability assessments
  • Competency frameworks
  • Training needs analysis
  • Participant evaluations
  • Individual feedback sessions

Customised Training Solutions

Using learnings from step one, we engage a mix of specialist trainers and subject matter resources to develop a bespoke program that directly addresses your objectives, skills gaps and development needs.

  • Learning objectives across each functional area
  • Personal learning roadmaps
  • Requirements for standard versus bespoke training
  • Training module development

Implementation and Delivery

Customising the learning strategy and delivery format to suit each individual employee is an essential part of our process. Our world-leading facilitators draw upon research-driven techniques and decades of experience, combining theoretical concepts with practical client applications.

  • Blended learning techniques
    • Classroom training
    • Virtual learning
    • Workshops
    • Online/e-learning
  • Best-practice collateral
    • Pre- and post-course work
    • Microtraining and learn-on-need content
    • Gamification
    • E-learning content development
  • Experiential training
    • Workplace applications and case studies
    • Simulations and role plays
    • Interactive discussions
  • Tailored teaching styles
    • Collaborative, participative learning
    • Independent, self-paced techniques
    • Staggered programming
  • Mentorship and evaluation
    • Concierge support for virtual training
    • 1:1 sessions
    • Evaluation and feedback

Post-Implementation Advisory

A grievance we often hear is that participants aren’t able to implement what they have learnt due to broader environmental constraints such as company culture, system limitations or resistance to change. Through ongoing mentorship and consulting, we help you embed sustainable, long-term change.

  • Retrospective and review of learnings
  • Updated learning roadmaps
  • Knowledge reinforcement and retention
  • Ongoing mentorship and follow-up sessions
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Refresher programs
  • Next steps recommendations
  • Individual and/or group coaching

PM-Partners offers decades of experience in training, delivery, coaching and advisory services, and we work closely with our customers to develop a customised solution that is tailored to your own unique objectives, challenges and competencies.

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