A major technology project impacting Cuscal’s core business system and clients

Cuscal is a leading provider of innovative payment solutions for the Australian financial services sector. the largest independent. The Authentic Switch project is a major technology project impacting Cuscal’s core business system and clients.

The challenge

This was the second review of the project following a preliminary Setup for Success review in January 2020. This independent review was tasked with assessing the current state health of the project to determine if it was on a pathway to delivery success and, if not, providing a report of prioritised findings and recommendations requiring attention.

How PM-Partners helped

Given the major impact of COVID-19, the team quickly pivoted their approach to how they conducted assurance reviews. The activities within the review remained the same with the only difference being how PM-Partners delivered the service.

The team worked collaboratively with Cuscal to identify which tools would work in their environment for audio, video and workshops. MS Teams and Miro were chosen from a kit bag of tools, including Zoom, WebEx, Google Hangouts, Trello.

The review required inspection of key documentation associated with the program as well as interviewing a total of 12 key project team members and critical stakeholders. The documentation reviewed included, but was not limited to: business cases, steering committee packs, schedule, risk register, and project change controls. Key themes were documented on one page for socialisation and feedback from the client followed by a draft report for preliminary review and feedback.

Outcomes delivered

The final report included four key opportunities i.e. scope management, risk and issue management, financial management, and delivery methodology and process. These were supported by 46 detailed findings and actions and included opportunities beyond the scope of the project e.g. matters impacting the organisations BAU and delivery areas /activities.

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