Delivering a best practice programme management framework for AusPost

Australia Post was struggling with significant programme delivery issues. Learn how PM-Partners helped to implement a corporate-wide programme management framework to uplift and standardise the organisation’s delivery methods and practices.


  • Australia Post had been experiencing significant challenges related to delivery of important strategic programmes.
  • PM-Partners designed and implemented a comprehensive, best practice programme management framework.
  • Supported by a bespoke standard operating procedure manual, the practical, easy-to-use framework is now embedded in Australia Post’s ways of working.

Customer background

As the Federal Government’s enterprise responsible for postal services in Australia, Australia Post (AusPost) operates in an environment of constant and often disruptive change. Challenges include rapid technology advancement, growing demand for online shopping, huge COVID-induced growth in the parcels business, and a relentless trend to online services, displacing traditional bricks and mortar retail.

The challenge

To meet the challenges of its business environment, AusPost was driving a number of strategic initiatives and was experiencing significant programme delivery issues in doing so. While the organisation had a functioning corporate PMO in its second year of operation, the urgency for better and more reliable delivery was driving the need for a standardised programme management framework (PMF).

How PM-Partners helped

PM-Partners undertook a comprehensive gap analysis of AusPost’s delivery capability, referenced against industry best practice. This helped identify those existing tools, templates, processes and practices capable of forming the essential building blocks of a future programme management framework.

In avoiding unnecessary reinvention, PM-Partners was able to achieve a much faster implementation and roll-out of the new framework.

Throughout the assignment, PM-Partners encouraged active participation by business units and strong end-user representation. Business working groups played a significant role in PMF validation and quality assurance.

Outcomes delivered

PM-Partners delivered a practical, robust and bureaucracy-free programme management framework for Australia Post.

A user-friendly and practical standard operating procedure manual was also developed, containing practical ‘how to’ guidance on applying the framework to specific AusPost programmes and projects using key governance themes and principles.

PM-Partners has subsequently been engaged to recommend next steps for the Australia Post corporate PMO as it continues to mature. These recommendations are strategic and focused on partnering with the business and adding value.

Are your delivery methods and practices slowing you down? PM-Partners can diagnose your current issues and help you establish a standardised, practical and easy-to-use framework to ensure you get your delivery right first time, every time. Contact the team or call us on 1300 70 13 14 today.

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