6 Exam Day Tips: Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam

Insights | 11 November 2014

So you have studied your notes, you have an in-depth understanding of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® guide), and you have reviewed and scored a minimum of 85% in at least 400 practice questions.

Put succinctly, you have done your preparation and are ready for the PMP® examination.

Here are 6 exam tips to ensure your examination goes smoothly:

  1. Get to the exam centre early. Don’t add extra stress when you don’t need to! Ensure you know where the centre is and have left plenty of time (particularly during peak hour) to make your way there.
  2. Write down ALL formulae (yes that includes EVM) at the start. Do not wait until you come to a question to try and remember the formula; you will have time at the beginning to literally “dump” all those formulae and any other memory aids you have carefully learnt.
  3. Don’t leave unanswered questions. Answer each question as you go through the exam. Tag any that you would like to review at the end. Remember an unanswered question means no mark!
  4. Apply the Guide. Your everyday project management approach may differ from that of the PMBOK® guide. Remember process of elimination. You can definitely identify at least one, if not two, obviously incorrect answers. Narrow down the remaining choices by referring back to the question and looking for key “PMI” words that may direct you to the answer! There will be distractor answers and information – focus on applying the PMBOK® guide.
  5. Manage your time. Successful candidates do ensure that they attempt all questions and, if possible, review any tagged questions. Remember you can take a quick break or stretch (but the clock doesn’t stop). 4 hours is a long time – you may “hit the wall” but you need to focus until the end. Track your exam progress by setting yourself milestones – for example, first 50 questions in the first hour, then the next and so on.
  6. Think positive. You have done your exam preparation, you should have been scoring well on the practice questions if you booked in your exam so take a deep breath and know you can pass! Breathe, pace yourself and do it!


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