business analyst career insights

Business analysts are highly sought after across a variety of interesting sectors, but what does it actually take to become a BA and what are some of the things you can expect along the way? Here we explore the role of a business analyst and consider why a career as a BA can be so fulfilling.

Hybrid PMO Grant Bridger

Rather than creating potential silos by enforcing an agile-only delivery approach, a hybrid PMO recognises the need for various delivery styles and gives delivery teams the option to choose the most appropriate approach for specific projects. Here’s how to build your hybrid PMO. There’s no doubt that the continuing spread of Agile approaches/ methodologies in

lean portfolio management how to get back on track

Looking to get back on track after the events of 2020? Find out how to align strategy with execution using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) through Lean Portfolio Management. Apply lean and systems thinking to strategy and investment funding to enable business agility. Within today’s environment, organisations are struggling to make decisions about what they

why the future looks bright for roject management graduates

Now Australia is on the other side of the COVID pandemic and firmly in recovery mode, we look at where opportunities are opening up for new entrants to the project management sector and the industries and roles primed for growth over the next decade. The impacts of COVID-19 over the past year, from budget cuts,

Project sponsor how to work more effectively with your project sponsor

Project manager and project sponsor. Successful projects need both, and for the relationship between the two to be complementary. But too often what begins as a productive partnership tails off over the course of a project lifecycle. Here we look at what project professionals can do to ensure the relationship with their sponsor is a

Project and programme managers who apply a consistent risk-management approach are more likely to see positive outcomes, no matter the organisation or industry. Unfortunately, research shows as many as two-thirds fail to do so.

Download our infographic for tips, tricks and critical advice for embracing effective risk management in your Project Community/ PMO.

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7 ways to make difficult conversations easier

When racing to deliver a complex project on time, the last thing you want to worry about is conflict in the workplace. Here’s how to better manage difficult conversations and reach a resolution quickly and calmly. Workplace conflict can impact morale, reduce productivity and disrupt timelines. Whether you need to resolve a misunderstanding between colleagues,

PMO soft skills you need to lead your pmo project management office

What PMO leaders need to thrive

Like all successful leaders, heads of PMOs must possess both hard and soft skills in order to drive their teams, and their careers, forward. But elevation into a leadership role often occurs based on hard skills alone. This can lead to a state of cognitive dissonance well known to anyone in business: “What got you

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change fatigue change management post covid

Agility and adaptability have always been a savvy project manager’s best friend. And after a year in which the coronavirus pandemic decimated many best-laid plans, flexibility and the ability to create and sustain value in a challenging environment is vital. This is where change management comes in. ‘Stop. We have another new priority.’ Sound familiar?

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Even before the pandemic disrupted traditional business models, more and more organisations were seeing the value in agile methodologies and specialised frameworks like Scrum. But in addition to the business itself transforming, we’re seeing the need for roles to change as well – particularly the role of business analyst (BA). Here, we explore why it