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On the run up to our webinar Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) 5th edition – the Official Release, Tracey Copland Head of Development at PM-Partners, revisits the origins of MSP, shares some of the thinking behind the update and provides a taste of what you can expect from the new design. WHAT IS MANAGING SUCCESSFUL PROGRAMMES (MSP®)? In an

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Back in 2018, digital innovation was expected to contribute $315 billion in gross economic value to Australia over the subsequent 10 years, with that figure drawn from the impact of Australia “improving productivity growth, ICT capital investment, fostering domestic digital industries and improving export performance.” Now, thanks to COVID-19, we are seeing organisations look to digitalisation far

Networking has always been one of the best ways to secure your next opportunity. With major disruptions to our economy, many people are facing uncertain employment prospects or have been made redundant, and networking is still one of the best ways to create new opportunities. From Traditional To Online Events 2020 has brought many changes

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As organisations work through the economic devastation of COVID-19 and individuals leave their personal bunkers, many are wondering how to work in this new market. Even more importantly, they are trying to figure out how to become more productive in a post-COVID environment. Jump online and you’ll find a plethora of blogs and advocates urging

Far from the traditional assumptions about what small government does and how it operates, local councils are constantly juggling new challenges in order to appease their customers, deliver projects on time and balance their own bottom line. Those challenges have been exacerbated thanks to the widespread disruption of COVID-19, but unlike some non-essential services, local

Poised to form the backbone of Australia’s economic recovery All major Victorian Government funded projects, valued at over $20m, mandate that 10% of the workforce be on a traineeship. Many organisations are unaware that a Certificate IV in Project Management BSB41515 contributes towards compliance of the mandate. In addition, the mandate rules also allow for a qualification

In the 2019/20 financial year the NSW State Government committed to invest $90B on projects in the following four years. As a result construction projects are becoming larger, more complex and inherently more risky. From 1st July 2020 all NSW Government funded projects valued at over $100 million, mandate that 20% of the workforce needs to

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Why would you hire unskilled labour when you can fill your traineeship quota with experienced workers? For several years now, the Victorian Government has mandated that all large-scale infrastructure projects use apprentices, trainees or cadets for 10% (at minimum) of their total labour hours. Project Management in Construction. Victoria’s $61.7b opportunity. Learn more At face value, it’s

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It’s a challenging business environment out there – no matter what industry you’re in. More competition, digitalisation, hyper-connectivity and a globalised marketplace have meant even the biggest players need to adapt to rapid changes. An unfortunate truth is that the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated these issues. Organisations need to reduce their outlays while still

In order to move forward, change is essential. In the workplace, this means not resting on your laurels just because the current system is ‘good enough’. The competition is constantly testing out new strategies in order to do something better, reach clients faster and complete tasks more efficiently. So when it comes to learning, the