project skills project management skills

Project management has had a long history in sectors such as construction, IT, defence, mining and government, but career paths for those with project skills now stretch beyond traditional roles. Find out where new opportunities are opening up and how you can tap into them.

project management office PMO struggling symptoms treatment

Almost one in five PMOs are disbanded due to their inability to show value to the organisation. Here’s how to spot a struggling PMO and the remedies you can use to help rescue it.

9 reasons online learning virtual classroom

In a world of continual change, a commitment to learning and development is more crucial than ever. Fortunately, thanks to the rapid growth of online learning options, it’s never been easier to pick up the skills and certifications you need to stay ahead. Whether it’s an online course offering the freedom to study in your

lessons learned from pmo failure

5 lessons learned from PMO failure

Here we outline some key reasons why many PMOs fail and what we can learn from their mistakes. Discover what the PMO of the future will look like based on current trends and re-imagine your PMO for success.

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Managing remote work and teams effectively

With the latest COVID outbreak in NSW forcing project managers back to a remote-only work environment, it’s a perfect time to review what works and what doesn’t when managing projects from home.

Quinn Dodsworth what is the agile journey

What is the Agile journey?

If you’re looking to make your organisation more responsive to change, embarking on ‘The Agile Journey’ is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Here we outline what this journey typically entails and provide access to some of the key information you need to set off on the right foot.

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estimating in agile

The Agile Journey: Estimating in agile

Contrary to what some practitioners may think, estimating in agile is no less critical than estimating in more traditional project environments, but it is different. In this next instalment of The Agile Journey, we consider four factors to bear in mind to help boost your chances of delivering your agile projects on time.

scrum team roles and responsibilities

In the fourth instalment of The Agile Journey, we delve into the make-up of a Scrum team, specifically the roles, responsibilities and attributes of the two most pivotal players: the product owner and Scrum master.

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The Agile Journey: A Scrum overview

In the third instalment of The Agile Journey, we explain agile frameworks and unravel the nuts and blots of the most popular method for ‘doing agile’, Scrum.

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The Agile Journey: 9 tips for embracing an agile mindset

Regardless of sector, organisations are facing a fast-paced and ever-changing business environment that calls for flexible, adaptable and more ‘agile’ ways of working. Before you can ‘do agile’ effectively, however, you first need to ‘be agile’. This involves adopting a new way of thinking or ‘agile mindset’ that is based on prescribed values and principles.

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Career Focus: how to put your best foot forward