PMO soft skills you need to lead your pmo project management office

What PMO leaders need to thrive

Like all successful leaders, heads of PMOs must possess both hard and soft skills in order to drive their teams, and their careers, forward. But elevation into a leadership role often occurs based on hard skills alone. This can lead to a state of cognitive dissonance well known to anyone in business: “What got you

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change fatigue change management post covid

Agility and adaptability have always been a savvy project manager’s best friend. And after a year in which the coronavirus pandemic decimated many best-laid plans, flexibility and the ability to create and sustain value in a challenging environment is vital. This is where change management comes in. ‘Stop. We have another new priority.’ Sound familiar?

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Even before the pandemic disrupted traditional business models, more and more organisations were seeing the value in agile methodologies and specialised frameworks like Scrum. But in addition to the business itself transforming, we’re seeing the need for roles to change as well – particularly the role of business analyst (BA). Here, we explore why it

To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day and the theme #ChooseToChallenge, we talk to two of our project managers, Vivian Panagos and Emma Stewart, about the challenges they’ve faced and the advice they can offer other aspiring women in the sector. Emma Stewart, Principal Consultant, PM-Partners Emma Stewart is a Principal Consultant (Advisory) and is

So, you’ve completed your training and you now understand PRINCE2 as a project management method. What’s next? Here, Tracey Copland, Head of Development at PM-Partners unpacks the main steps required to successfully embed the methodology in your organisation. The right project management method can be the difference between success and failure. Widely regarded as the most practised

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Valuable project management skills for 2021 and beyond pm-partners

Even before COVID-19 turned the business world on its head, rapid globalisation and hyper-connectivity were transforming the day-to-day for organisations. As we accelerate into 2021, Mike Boutel, PM-Partners’ Head of Training, considers the critical capabilities project managers need to arm themselves with in order to navigate the challenging road ahead. After the global pandemic threw

Project delivery

For organisations to survive they must keep evolving and maturing according to market demands. In many cases this has led to a concerted shift towards agile business practices – whether that’s through an Agile delivery approach or embracing an agile culture. The result of this shift is that many roles need to change in order

Outsourcing Oceania Inc. is pleased to welcome new Chief Executive Officer Dominic Frost who formally took the reins from interim CEO Derek Quayle this month. Dominic brings extensive and varied experience to the role at PM-Partners. Combining a background in enterprise IT services and software with time in private equity, he has a proven track

PM-Partners Agile Learning Consultant and Facilitator Quinn Dodsworth explores what sets these two methodologies apart and explains why you always need a fit-for-purpose approach to project management in order to get the best results. Agile and Waterfall explained A cursory glance online at the value of waterfall projects will return mixed reviews. The most prevalent,

The daily standup (or daily scrum) is becoming a regular event for teams in many projects. Standups are an integral part of agile teams. As a project manager are you conversant with the conventions of a standup? What is your role (if any) in a standup? What is a Standup? A standup is a short


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